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Subterranean Termites live in colonies in the soil. They require moisture from the soil to survive, and can tunnel hundreds of feet to reach feeding sites. To reach food above ground, they build mud tubes to protect them from exposure to light, air andenemies.


Custom Home Plan

There is no better defense against termites than a customized home treatment plan from Superior. After a comprehensive inspection of your home a certified technician will prescribe a customized treatment method designed to begin eliminating termites immediately.


Advance Termite Bait System, offers a new generation bait system that addresses the challenges presented by first generation baits–effectively making our bait system a superior option to other termite bait systems. Stations are recommedned to be placed 1-3 feet away from your structure and 10-20 feet apart. Stations will be monitored on a quaterly basis to keep you home termite free.


Your home is your biggest single investment. Protect the value of your home from the ravages of pest invasion. If you think you have a pest or termite problem or if you'd like one of our dedicated Pest Control Service Specialists to provide you with a FREE inspection, please call Superior at 918-251-PEST(7378) 


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Annual Termite Baiting System

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