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If you are wondering what aeration means and why your lawn needs it, you have come to the right place. Aeration consists of poking holes into your lawn, to loosen the soil and roots. This helps nutrients like fertilizer and water seep deeper into the soil and gives your lawn space to grow. All lawns need aeration eventually, but if your lawn is subject to heavy winter snows or foot traffic (i.e. if you have kids or pets who like to play outside), you definitely need to aerate ASAP.

If you’ve never aerated your lawn — and you are starting to see brown patches and poor growth — it is best to hire a lawn aeration service to assess the damage and take appropriate action the first time around.


Custom Lawn Plan

As you might expect, driving holes into your lawn can be risky for your lawn’s health, so it’s important that you only aerate when your lawn is ready. Generally, the periods of highest stress to your lawn are the fall and winter; this is when your lawn is preparing to go dormant, so it slows its growth and isn’t prepared to reap the benefits of aeration. You also should avoid aerating during periods of high heat and drought, which also cause your lawn stress.

Instead, you should aerate before or during periods of high growth, which is to say springtime. It is best to aerate after you’ve mowed a handful of times, to give your grass time to wake up and warm up after winter.

Your lawn should be well-watered before you aerate; it’s wise to give your grass at least 1 inch of water two days prior to punching holes. This makes it easier to push your aeration tool of choice into the soil and extract soil cores. We will figure this service into your routine service plan and perform this service at the correct time that it's needed.


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