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Preventative Pest Control

Preventative Pest Control is the best method for protecting your home from pest. Each year we see the hygienist twice a year to prevent from having root canals or other major teeth concerns. We also, visit the Doctors Office for annual check ups to prevent major health issues.

Your home is where you sleep, eat and spend the most important - Family Time. The main questions is not if you should protect your home from pest, it's WHY NOT PROTECT YOUR HOME?

By not using preventative pest control, your putting you family and pets at risk from having spider bits, flea infestation; which carries major diseases and much more. Mosquito's can carry diseases as well.

Superior, Inc can keep your home under control of these major issues for only $28.33 per month. Our recommendation is to treat your home Quarterly, which is 4 times per year. Treating more frequently can cause the pest to get immune to the products and treating less frequently allows the products to dissipate opening your home to more pest as most pest control products only have a 90 day residual.

Our quarterly service includes treating inside, outside and also keep 1st story eves clean of spider webs and wasp nest each time we service your home. Keeping spider webs cleaned off around eves is very important. Call us today for more information about our services. Office


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